Balance Your Life Again

4 Steps to Get Your Time Back, Do the Work You Want, and Accomplish Your Ambitious Goals

In this FREE training, you’ll discover 4-steps to grow your business while spending less time in the office and more time doing what you want.

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The Mindset Advantage Interviews

For a limited time, get this 5-part video series where Michael Hyatt interviews 7 and 8-figure CEOs to discuss the mindset traits they use to grow their businesses today.

You’ll discover how Amy Porterfield, Fawn Weaver, Dr. Josh Axe, Jeff Henderson, and Pete Vargas approach growing their business, the mindset they rely on to win and deal with stress, getting their teams aligned to pull in the same direction, managing risk, and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • The lie most business owners tell themselves (and their spouse) that threatens their business and personal relationships.
  • Why many entrepreneurs and business owners face an impossible choice (and the five keys to the outcome you want).
  • Why breaking free from the workload trap requires radical action (don’t worry, it’s all spelled out in the webinar).
  • Why the work you love could be undermining your success (and how to get back on track so you can speed up your progress).
  • How to eliminate work and meetings that suck the joy from your day.
  • What you must reinvent to achieve the success you want (this is the keystone for my most successful clients).
  • The secret we teach our coaching clients that enables them to get more done in less time, while renewing the love of what they do.
  • The alternative to constant hustle that delivers outsized results (we used it to cut our staff’s workday to 6 hours, resulting in 73% growth from the previous year).
  • And more...

About Your Instructor

René Banglesdorf is one of our original Business Accelerator coaches, a long-time participant in the program, and runs her own multi-million dollar business.

She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, a company that buys and sells private jets worldwide with just under a billion dollars in sales.

René is passionate about helping business leaders maximize their time and efforts, and in 2020 was appointed by the US Secretary of Transportation to the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Board, which will advise the DOT and the US Congress about ways to attract, retain and promote women in aviation.

As her business grew and high stress and long days became the norm, finding balance became a necessity.

Join René as she shares four concrete steps you can take to reject the lie that you must sacrifice your personal life to succeed at your career, and lay the foundation to both win at work and succeed at life.