The Double Win Strategy

5 Steps to Focus Your Time and Scale Your Business Without Compromising Your Personal Life

In this FREE training with Michael Hyatt, you’ll discover Michael’s 5-step system for scaling your business without sacrificing your personal life and relationships.

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The Leader's Calendar

For a limited time, get this 4-part video series ($97 value) when you show up for The Double Win Strategy.

You'll learn how to develop an ideal week, design work around family life, evaluate opportunities, and triage an out-of-control calendar.

What You’ll Learn

  • The lie most business owners tell themselves (and their spouse) that threatens their business and personal relationships.
  • Why many entrepreneurs and business owners face an impossible choice (and the five keys to the outcome you want).
  • Two confessions I had to make before it was possible to scale my business in a way that wouldn’t lead to burnout.
  • Why breaking free from the workload trap requires radical action (don’t worry, it’s all spelled out in the webinar).
  • Why the work you love could be undermining your success (and how to get back on track so you can speed up your progress).
  • How to eliminate work and meetings that suck the joy from your day.
  • What you must reinvent to achieve the success you want (this is the keystone for my most successful clients).
  • The secret I teach my coaching clients that enables them to get more done in less time, while renewing the love of what they do.
  • The alternative to constant hustle that delivers outsized results (I used it to cut my staff’s workday to 6 hours, resulting in 73% growth from the previous year).
  • And more...