Walk Away and Watch it Grow

How Business Owners Can Build a Self-Scaling Company without their Constant Involvement

In Michael Hyatt's final training for business owners in 2021, you'll discover what it takes to step away from daily operations—for a week, month, or forever—knowing your company will continue growing in your absence.

Some of What You’ll Learn Includes:

  • How to cut your work week and get out of day-to-day management while maintaining ultimate control of a growing company.
  • The quick and stress-free move to see if your company is ready for you to step away (but most owners and CEOs are too afraid to try).
  • How to actually take a vacation with complete certainty your business will not fall apart in your absence.
  • An ego-free way to set your company on a trajectory that surpasses what it can achieve in its current form.
  • The target you must have long before you step away (skipping this step humbled the best leaders I've known).
  • Three elements that make up the secret sauce of a company that continues to thrive as you step back.
  • How to ensure your company can adapt and excel, even with a team with relative inexperience.
  • What it REALLY takes to relinquish the mantle of CEO (this one thing will make or break your next season of life).
  • And much more...